When I interviewed Gerald Jones it was of my very first interviews. Towards the end of the show, he said something that was very profound…

“I know what I need to say. And this is one of those things that I feel like it’s very controversial among men, but

my core values lead me to say this, especially when we’re in a situation where it’s just Men We need to take a really hard look at ourselves, and we need to take a look at has been ingrained in us living in this country in the United States and it’s a very very patriarchal society and we need to do an inventory of all those toxic things that live inside of us being misogyny. Be it homophobic

your transphobia, whatever those things are that lead us to look at other human beings as lesser as easy to make fun of as easy to step in stomp over because we’re the men and we drive everything. We need to take a look at all those things that are inside ourselves.

And be real with ourselves about what those things are and then make concerted efforts individually and as a group holding each other accountable to get rid of all that mess this inside of us because our communities need us to be better our

children the women in our lives the members of the LGBT communities that are in our lives. They need us to be better then we have been in helping to support and protecting them because all life is precious all people are precious and whatever are ups and downs might be we need to identify those things and we need to get the hell over. That’s my advice”.

Gerald can be found at https://buyblackpodcast.com/

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