Sooo…I’m hoping that you guys aren’t taking that literally. I don’t want you to die nor do I want any harm to come to you. What I mean is that you have to make a decision right now about how you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years from now. Listen I’m always trying to find ways to invest in myself because I want more out of life, and you should want the same thing too…Right?

There are several ways that you can invest in yourself the right way. The first investment that you can make is”you”. Your job is to know yourself first before you can invest in anything that is of substance. So, now that we got that out of the way now comes the other stuff like education, training and starting a business.

Education can be from a variety of sources, mainly college, trade schools and self-education.  Training can come in two forms, voluntary and involuntary. Most businesses, governmental and organizations have mandatory training for their employees. Now if plan on staying with your current employer for the long haul then my advice to you is to see this mandatory training as n invest where both sides win.

For me though…

I love self-education because it gives me full control over what I want to learn and how fast I want to learn it. Say for instance Udemy which is a site dedicated to learning on the go. This site has so much to offer from software development, marketing strategies, and photography just to name a few. Next, you have LinkedIn which is a business networking site for professionals. They have a great learning curriculum that I’ve found just as useful, you should explore both sites to see which one fits you.

And last but certainly not least is starting your own business. Your first stop should be Small Business Administration (SBA). This site is gold if you are serious about wanting to start a business. It has everything that you would ever need to getting started. If you need help with a business plan, don’t hire someone do it yourself. The software that they have for creating a business plan is simple and easy to use.

If you decide to go through the process don’t forget about the DUNS(Data Universal Number System) this number is like a profile for your business. Not to be confused with a tax ID. This number tells you and others the name of your company, financial data, trade name, payment history, economic status and even the name of your executives if you have any.

“Don’t let your dreams, ideas, goals, aspirations die. Share what you have with the world don’t keep them hidden, because when you’re gone from this world so are they”. 


With all that being said don’t forget to tune in to Man Up To Greatness podcast for I will be discussing this exact topic.

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